Fans Blame Chacha Eke Faani’s Husband As She Goes for Change of Name


Nollywood actress Chacha Eke Faani recently had a “change of name” and she took to her official Instagram page to let her fans and followers know.

The new mother changed her name from Charity Chimnoso Eke to Chacha Chimnoso Faani, noting that all former documents remained valid.

However, some fans were not entirely pleased with her post, and they blamed her husband for the change.

Some reactions below ;

preciouswanga wrote ;

I dont think you posted that . Your husband controls your account. I still cant get over the video you were over him. I hope he doesnt strip your beautiful life out of you .

wellman_fave wrote ;

I don’t really understand ChaCha ! This married side of you , I swear I don’t like at all. You were my best actress back then until you married and left social space. Now , you are really different. Pls you need to chase ur passion again


stephchicocoa wrote ;

So the Eke that’s your father’s name has been thrown into the bush,I guess is your husband that ordered you to do this,a very irrelevant post, Anyways what you post there concerns you,till tomorrow I know you as Chacha Eke,Go and ask Chioma Chukwuka,her own is even better that she still writes Chioma Chukwuka Akpotta,but you, you’re confused…

pellannaji wrote ;

Chacha never throw your family in the bin,you will never go far, please don’t allow Austin To abuse you this way



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