Female Banker Reportedly Commit Suicide In Lagos Over ‘Economy Hardship’ Lagos Female Banker

A female staff at Globus bank in Lagos, Ikorodu, Amarachi, has reportedly committed suicide due to the degenerating economy situation in the country.

The young staff took her last breath after consuming a hard substance (sniper).

Laying beside Amarachi’s dead body, is a note where she listed her reasons for her actions.

According to the late banker, she felt nothing was working in her life and her future looked bleak alongside extreme hardship and a depleting economy.

Rather than continue to struggle, she chose to end things while apologising to her family and friends for her decision.

Reactions have since then trailed the deceased action:

@AkposJim said: “Omo I feel her pain. When people depends on you and things are not working right the way they should and no one to call for help”

@samtalks__ advised: “guys please there is no shame in crying for help, especially family and close friends, people are so caught up in their own worlds these days they can’t maintain a relationship/friendship, sometime all you need is someone to Hug you and give you a little hope to keep pushing! ”

@adu_faye stated: “You try to work legit and all work your ass off. Monday to Sunday no rest and all the money you work for a month can’t feed you 101, can’t buy you clothes, or pay your domestic bills, the country is gone. It’s so hard, the economy is harsh , YHWH”


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