Finally, Angela Okorie Opens Up On Her Crashed Marriage [VIDEO]

Nollywood actress and singer, Angela Okorie, has candidly shared insights into the reasons behind her failed marriage to Chukwuma Orizu.

In the interview with Iyabo Ojo, Angela Okorie revealed that despite her ex-husband’s unwavering support, the marriage ended because of issues with his family and their restrictive rules. She disclosed that her former in-laws were opposed to her acting career and wanted her to quit the entertainment industry, a move that clashed with her aspirations.


Angela expressed her belief that staying in a marriage without love can lead to infidelity and emphasized that falling out of love was the primary reason for the dissolution of her marriage. She highlighted the clash of visions with her ex-husband’s family, stating, “They don’t understand what I’m chasing. You need to chase it with me. This is what your wife wants.”

Watch video below;


In a previous interview, Angela had maintained that her marriage wasn’t abusive and praised her ex-husband as a nice guy with a good heart. However, she acknowledged that he had personal issues to address.

In 2020, Angela had publicly expressed her reluctance towards marriage, citing fear and a desire for a peaceful union. In an Instagram live session with her fans, she conveyed her apprehension about walking down the aisle again, emphasizing her unwillingness to endure another unsuccessful marriage

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