“Fire Dem, Knack Dem Shot, Clear Them” — Soldiers Scream As They Engage In A Fierce Gun Battle With Terrorists Inside Forest

A heavy gun battle has unfolded in the dense forest of Kaduna as the Nigerian Army engaged Fulani terrorist kidnappers on a mission to root out criminal elements plaguing the region.

The conflict, which took place in the heart of Kaduna forest, saw the military forces engaging the fulani terrorists in a fierce exchange of gunfire.


As the soldiers advanced into the rugged terrain, a fierce exchange of gunfire ensued, highlighting the gravity of the situation. Government sources have confirmed that the operation was part of a broader strategy to address the escalating security concerns in the region.

The Fulani terrorist kidnappers, known for their involvement in abductions and ransom demands, have been a persistent threat to the local population.


The gun battle, which lasted several hours, showcased the determination of the Nigerian Army to tackle the menace head-on. Both sides reportedly sustained casualties, emphasizing the severity of the confrontation.

The Kaduna state government has urged residents to remain vigilant and cooperate with security forces as they work tirelessly to restore peace to the troubled area.

Authorities have assured the public that measures are in place to secure the region and dismantle criminal networks operating within its borders.

Watch the gunfire battle video below

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