Five Life Skills That Are Not Gender-Specific


Some skills are not gender-specific and are necessary for survival. They improve the quality of your life and relationships around you.


Food is one of the necessities of life. Having cooking skills should not be limited to a specific gender. Everyone should learn how to fix their meals, regardless of gender.

Cleaning up after oneself

It is only appropriate for an individual to make and clean up the mess. This is not in any way gender-specific. One needs to learn how to take responsibility for the mess that he or she makes instead of making it another person’s “problem,” in an entitled manner.

Effective communication

This is also another life skill that is not gender-specific. It entails transmitting information clearly and understandably. It can improve the quality of relationships that you come across in life.

Emotional intelligence

No gender is excluded from honing this skill. Every person needs to embrace the skill of being emotionally intelligent. This skill will determine how you respond to situations within and around you. Hence, it is not gender-specific.

Financial literacy

This is another skill that is not gender-specific. Whether male or female, every individual should have basic financial knowledge about budgeting, saving, investment, emergency funds, etc.


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