Former Emir Sanusi Reveals Candidates Nigerians Should Avoid

The former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido has warned Nigerians to avoid some categories of candidates seeking election in 2023.

The former royal father while speaking on Saturday cautioned that any candidate seeking election in 2023 and promises that things would become easy for the people once he/she is elected should be ignored by Nigerians.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 7th edition of the Kaduna Economic and Investment Summit, Sanusi said any politician that promises ease is either lying or doesn’t know what lies ahead.

Truetells Nigeria reports the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) submitted that the minds of the citizens should be prepared for tough decisions needed to make Nigeria better.


He said; “Please let me request from our politicians. You must prepare the minds of Nigerians for difficult decisions.

“Anybody who tells you that it is going to be easy, please don’t vote for him. It is either he is lying to you or he doesn’t know what job he is going to get.”

Why Nigerians Need To Be Warned
According to Sanusi, the current situation of things in Nigeria requires tough decisions to be taken which will definitely ruffle some feathers.

He however added that for the country to get out of its already deplorable state, such decisions would have to be taken as there is no easy way out

“You cannot with this level of debt service, with this level of collapse in revenue, with this level of poverty, you cannot take corrective decisions. Tariffs on the electricity sector will have to be corrected. Tariffs in the oil sector have to be corrected.


“But before we correct that, we have to deal with the opportunities for rent-seeking. You have to close off the inflated numbers, the false numbers.”

The former emir said whoever becomes president of the country in 2023 must probe petrol subsidy payments.

“They must give names of the ships that came and we must verify if those ships were in Nigeria on that date.

“You must bring evidence. That is what the law says. There must be proof before you pay the subsidy,” he said

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