Four S3xual Moves Every Wom@n Loves

Women are very perceptive of what makes them feel desired and pleasured in bed. And that includes exciting s3x positions.

Women have forever wished to be pleasured during s3x and there are some particular s3x moves that completely arouse her, paving the way for an extremely erotic orgasm.

So, men take down these points on the most loved s3x moves that women simply love!

The cowgirl: Let her take charge in this girl-on-top position.

It lets her be on top of things while you enjoy the ride, making it a win-win position. Another advantage is that when the woman is in control, she can decide how she wants to reach orgasm.

Countertop sitting: You’ve had a brilliant Valentine’s Day cookout and can’t wait to go to the bedroom get at each other.
Make good use of the kitchen counter by lifting her up onto it. Ask her to take on the spread eagle position with you facing her.

This position provides maximum G-Spot stimulation and arouses both partners. Since you are taking the lovemaking out of the bedroom, it’s also quite spontaneous. However, it’s a tricky one since guys tend to ejaculate prematurely.


Missionary position: Predictable though it is, the missionary (man on top) position is a classic hit with women since it’s pleasurable and also harbours closeness.
It allows you to ki3s, touch and gaze into each other’s eyes while your body gets the loving treatment.

Sideways: Sideways positions — spooning and side by side —are good news for men who suffer from premature ejaculation since there are fewer chances of losing an erection.

Although it limits the movement of both partners, it gives leeway for more snogging.


You can caress your woman and the constant contact with your body will soothe her while you whisper sweet nothings into her ear.please like , share and follow


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