Frank Edwards Stops Online Giving After He Was Scammed 7 Times


Popular gospel musician, producer and songwriter, Minister Frank Edwards has said that he is done with online and will now focus on struggling persons on the streets.

He said his decision follows seven experiences with scammers pretending to be in need and denying those that truly needed his help.

On Saturday Edwards had said that he would love to support three struggling families with N250,000, saying that he will need a video proof before he sends the said sum.

On his mew decision, in a Facebook post on Sunday, he said: “Just for the records! I will never do any giving online again and Chris Amata is the reason why! I don’t know if it is entitlement or ungratefulness or I’ve been scammed or he collected the money and didn’t want the family to know!!”

According to the post, Amata came on the comments begging and even made a video as he requested of where he claimed he lives with his family.

Continuing, he said that “Immediately I sent him money, he went mute and has refused to confirm receipt since yesterday!! I’m not asking for thank you!! Just confirm so I know I didn’t waste money or I got debited for nothing.”

Adding: “Well I will continue to change lives because that is how I’m wired. But I’ll continue on the streets and orphanage homes and inner cities!

Furthermore, he said: “This is about the 7th time I’m experiencing something like this online! And you know 7 is perfection.

“You see most people suffer in life because of their character!

“The other time I noticed a family man always begging online, and I messaged him privately to ask what his challenges were because I felt for him.. he said he was trying to raise 300,000 for a business. I said if I send you 300,000 will you stop begging online .. he even swore!! That he will stop !! I sent this man 300,000 (three hundred thousand Naira) the next day I saw his comment on Joe praize’s instagram doing the same thing!! I messaged him privately again,, I said sir I thought we had an agreement that you’ll stop this and do your business!! THIS MAN BLOCKED ME !!

“I still continued helping people online because I can’t change who I am because of anyone.. but this Chris Amata ‘s own just broke the camels back!!

“I still won’t change! But not online anymore.

“I know where orphanage homes are. I know where hungry people are. I’ll continue with them as always.”


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