Get Out Of My Car Video” Details Why The Man Throws Our The Lady Out Of His Car Drops [VIDEO]

Get out of my car video story .. Yesterday we saw a video of a lady being dragged out of a Mercedes Benz V-Class by a man who referred to himself as the owner of the car.

People found out that the lady’s name is Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa, according to her Instagram handle. In a video, the owner of the car referred to himself as Njabulo.

Social media was divided because some people thought it was wrong for the guy to do what he did, while others knew the lady must have done something that could not be tolerated.

Get out of my car video story ” details why the man throws our the lady out of his car drops.
Later yesterday, there was a video of the guy being interviewed live on Instagram. In the video, he was explaining what happened before he decided to drag the lady out of his car.

According to him, he was driving from the place of “groove” with his wife and friend when they picked up Nthabiseng and her friend because they were stranded at the same place. While in a car, Nkjabulo overheard Nthabiseng telling her friend that they were going to demand money from them because the guys seemed to be loaded.

When Njabulo asked what the money was for, Nthabiseng insulted him and told him that they were going to pay up. That is when they realized that they were going to have trouble with this girl.


Inside the car, there was also food and champagne, and Nthabiseng did not ask anything, but she started helping herself with food, and the owners of the car did not mind because they thought the girls were hungry.


She also smoked Njabulo’s cigarettes, and they did not dwell on that, but when she opened his wife’s champagne and spilled it on a car in the process, that is when they started to have a serious quarrel.

Nthabiseng was being disrespectful as she kept on shouting at Njabulo’s wife. He said the girl was even telling them that they were cheap people who were driving a cheap car. She also said she could even make a phone call for someone who drives a better car to come and pick them up.

Njabulo decided that he could no longer take it and told her to get out of his car, but she refused. He went inside the car and decided to drag her by her feet so that it would not look as if he was abusing her.

Watch the interview below :


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