Go Ye And Right The Wrong; Akoko Edo Is Bedridden By Injustice And Political Imbalance

Pope Innocent

There comes a time in life when even the blind could see very clearly with their mental eyes better than the medically certified could. The blind in our society; Akoko Edo, today are not those who are vision-impaired but those who have chosen to exchange their future and God-given will for a paltry porridge to address their ephemera needs.

The blind in Akoko Edo are not those who can not identify the letter “A” from the letter “B” but those who have spent the greatest number of their years on earth, starting from the kindergarten, to the tertiary institutions still, romance joyfully with ignorance and ready to spread it contagiously with the speed of COVID-19 across the communities.

The blind in Akoko Edo are those who gladly kiss the blurring statue of injustice and political imbalance darkening their doors with a sword of imminent destructive regrets dangling over their heads. The blind in Akoko have hungrily jettisoned political morality and social justice for personal gain as the only criterion for choosing the right person for the job of quality representation is determined by how deep the candidate’s pocket is. How smartly a candidate wastefully lavishes his or her resources on “the blind” also determines his or her popularity among them. The sense of embracing what is right becomes a leprous taboo.


However, one must not shy away from correcting the damage being perpetrated by the “Money Bags” and “the blind”; hence, the urgent need to right the wrong and salvage Akoko Edo from being bedridden by injustice, sociocultural, economic and political imbalance currently supervised by the honchos in power.

Taking a bow as so many have done and are doing will not only aid and abet the sit-tight syndrome taking the centre stage in Akoko Edo but glorify their glutinous ego that has the propensity to placing Akoko Edo in perpetual comatose.

The people’s choice,


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