Gov Abiodun Replies Gbenga Daniel’s Wife On Demolition Of DATKEM Plaza


Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun has warned that his administration will not tolerate violations of the state’s building codes.

The governor who said this in reaction to the demolition of DATKEM Plaza owned by Olufunke Daniel, the wife of Gbenga Daniel, noted that the decision was never politically motivated.

He explained in a statement on Monday, September 11, that the partial demolition exercise carried out by the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development was in line with the laws of the state.

Governor Abiodun explained that necessary steps were taken by government officials when contraventions were observed in the course of constructing the plaza, adding that in the state as well as Nigeria, no one is above the law.

His words: “But for the fact you have ambushed me, I was not prepared to formally address that subject matter. And the reasons are very simple, we are a responsible government. We are responsible to our citizens. We are a law-abiding administration. I’m sure that everyone would testify to the fact that since I assumed office in 2019, I have ensured equity, fairness and upheld the rule of law. I have not in any way attempted to be vindictive or in any form or manner appear like someone who is trying to witch-hunt anyone.

“Having said that, because these are some of the insinuations I have read on social media and nothing could be farther from the truth. You all have seen the position of the Ministry of Physical Planning, which is the ministry that is entrusted with ensuring that people adhere to our different building codes. Because if we don’t respect building codes, if we don’t abide by building laws, it means that we are nothing but a chaotic society.

“These are the people charged with ensuring that our cities and towns are well laid out, well planned and the buildings that are constructed are safe to live in. We are all living witnesses to what has happened in the state and Lagos State when buildings have collapsed. And proactively, our government and across the country have brought some buildings down for violations of different building regulations…”

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