Guinness Record: Why Ghanaians Want Chef Smith Prosecuted [VIDEO]

Ghanaians are demanding justice for Chef Ebenezer Smith, who has been exposed for falsifying a Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon.

The self-proclaimed chef held a press conference on June 2, 2024, announcing his achievement, but it was later revealed to be a complete fabrication.

The public is outraged, and many are taking to social media to call for Chef Smith’s arrest and prosecution. Notable figures in the entertainment industry, such as Socrates Sarfo and Vida Adutwumwaa, have joined the chorus, arguing that Chef Smith’s actions have not only deceived the nation but also damaged its reputation.

While Chef Smith has issued a public apology, expressing remorse for his deception, many feel that this is insufficient. Vida Adutwumwaa and others argue that legal consequences are necessary to serve as a deterrent to others and to uphold the integrity of the nation.

Read some netizens’ reactions to the video;

@ewurabena nketiaa : “What if his tears and apology are also part of his schemes.”

@Empress3 : “He knew exactly what he was doing.”

@cheddar11 : “It’s really a serious fraud. looking at what ppl went through to support him. it also gives a bad name to dis country. Charlie some jokes are harmful.”

@Fosua : “Punished sen, is he the only person who has sinned.”

@Hired Goon : “This woman is absolutely right!.”

@Sackey Kristine ; “Why didn’t he just apply because he did everything necessary and also had the sponsorship.”

Pinkman : “she dey talk plenty as if she’s without sin, commot for there…..”

Treezona : “I support this woman, he needs to face the law cus he has disgraced Ghana public and globally.”

Kofi Bhiney Frames❤❤❤ : “I sponsored the frames. I even took pictures of it too.”

ManMonChill ; “same hr oo0.

“I don’t pity him 0000

“he has a plan for all he did

“trust me dear

“no one on this earth will do this without a plan.”

HELLOGH : “I really appreciate this woman because she is being real.”

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