GWR: Nigerian Set To Break Longest Speech Marathon, Hits 30 Hours Mark



A Nigerian, Christopher Bayode Olusa, has delivered a speech for 30 hours in his quest to break the Guinness World Record for the longest speech marathon by an individual.

Olusa is currently giving his speech at the DEJAVU Hotel, Alagbaka, Akure, Ondo State, Southwest Nigeria.

The official attempt is tagged #FromWordsToWorldRecords.

Guinness World Records earlier accepted Olusa’s application for the longest speech marathon with application reference: 230612192313lsm.

“We are pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted under the following title: ‘longest speech marathon,” the mail from Guinness World Records reads.

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Guinness World Records has seen a surge in record-breaking attempts from Nigeria in recent months after Chef Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon which attracted public attention.

In May, Baci officially broke the record for the longest cooking marathon (individual), with a time of 93 hours 11 minutes.

According to the Guinness World Records, the longest speech marathon is 90 hours and 2 minutes, achieved by Ananta Ram KC (Nepal) in Kathmandu, Nepal from 27 to 31 August 2018.

“The attempt started at 6:15 am on 27th August and finished at 12:17 am on 31st August 2018. Ananta Ram KC maintained a silence for almost 7 days before starting the attempt as a part of his preparation for the longest speech attempt,” GWR said on its website.




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