Heartwarming Gesture: Nigerian Woman Honors Father At Graduation With Touching Tribute [VIDEO]



In a touching tribute, a grateful Nigerian woman expressed her appreciation for the sacrifices her father paid by giving honour to him during her university graduation ceremony. The heartwarming moment was captured in a viral video that has since gained widespread attention.

In the video, the lady removes her graduation gown and places it on her father, who visibly expresses delight and emotion at the unexpected gesture. The accompanying caption reads: “Dear daddy, you endured hardship while I pursued education. You deserve this graduation gown more than I do.”

Watch the video below;


See some reactions below of what people thought of the honour the Nigerian woman paid to her father on her graduation.


ESE: “‎this made me cry. I pray I can be able to make my poor mom proud too someday. because she’s already doing the starving.”

prisca: “‎Congratulations dear. I tap from ur blessings…. I pray my parents will witness my success in Jesus name amen.”

annie78908: “‎Awwwn I watched this video more than 5times with tears dropping from my eyes congratulations to you.”

Mùna: “‎congratulations dear. my mom will wear mine by God’s grace. Kamzzy. ‎If na me, beta cry for don dey commot for my eyes. Regardlessly congratulations dearie.”

ndukaprecious7: “Am just crying because no one was available on my graduation day,I felt rejected and lonely but is fine the real deal is that God did it.”


Joy Millicent: “‎my sister. when i gave up on myself,she stood in for me. Ada nnem God bless you so much.”

YOUREX GIRLFRIEND: “‎congratulations: “watching dis with tears of joy in my eyes God bless you girly for your parents mine too soon.


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