Here’s Why Gorilla Glue Is Trending On Twitter And Facebook [VIDEOS]

Gorilla Glue is trending on Twitter and Facebook and those who do not know where the story originated from have been left confused, asking what is happening.


Well, here’s what’s going on… A woman named Tessica Brown took to TikTok to show the state of her hair. The hair looks beautiful and well laid – every woman’s dream.


However, she lamented in the video that all isn’t rosy.


She said her hair has been like that for one month because she sprayed Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive on it as an alternative after she ran out of her normal hair spray.


She is seen in the TikTok video touching her hair roughly but the rock-hard hair stayed glued to her scalp.


She later released another video, showing her adding shampoo to the hair and rubbing it in, yet her hair remained hard as rock and didn’t move.

She also says she can’t even shave off her hair from her scalp because the hair is stuck and is getting tighter on her scalp, causing her headaches.


She begged for help, saying she’s embarrassed, stressed, and starting to get scared.


She eventually landed in a hospital but it appears even the hospital couldn’t help.


Well, Gorilla Glue manufacturers have now suggested a fix.


The company told TMZ the quickest possible remedy is rubbing alcohol.


The company said: “The less aggressive solvent for her hair/scalp would be rubbing alcohol to try and saturate her hair and then gently comb it out and shampoo.”


However, Gorilla says if Tessica’s hair has been stuck for a month, it’s “likely fractured at the root, but we certainly hope for the best.”


Tessica also says she’s going to try the rubbing alcohol soon.


Meanwhile, as a public service announcement, Gorilla Glue Spray has now warned people not to use Gorilla Glue on their hair.


The company makes it clear that all of its products are considered permanent, and the packaging states it too.


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