Hilda Baci’s Management Reacts To Rumors The Chef Is A Virgin


The management of record-breaking Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci has described as untrue reports that the Guinness World Record holder is still a virgin at 28.

The statement followed reports that she granted an interview where she discussed her virginity, claiming to be a virgin at 28.

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There were rumours circulating on social media, suggesting that Baci had granted an interview discussing her “commitment to remain a virgin, despite being in a five-year relationship”.

The reports claimed that Baci had stated, “I might not be single, but I’ve been dating someone, and we agreed on no s3x before marriage. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years now, but no s3x; I’m still a virgin”.

But Hilda Baci’s management said that she never granted such an interview.


The celebrity chef, born Hilda Bassey, gained fame for successfully breaking the world record for the longest cooking marathon in May.

She accomplished this feat by cooking for an impressive 93 hours and 11 minutes, earning her certification as the record holder in June.

In July, she shared her vision to transform her culinary marathon into a festival.

“So, in terms of now making it into something, I want to make the ‘cook-a-thon’ turn into more like a festival that happens in probably in different countries.”

“That is something I am open to. I am now reaching out to these brands.”


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