Hisbah Top Official In Kano, Idris Gama Advocates For LGBT Rights, Calls For Legislative Amendments

Speaking in a video clip, Gama shared his personal journey and evolving perspective on LGBTQ issues.

Idris Ahmed Gama, the head of Hisbah’s medical unit in Kano State, passionately advocated for the equal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) individuals in Nigeria.


Speaking in a video clip, Gama shared his personal journey and evolving perspective on LGBTQ issues.

“My first encounter with this situation was very shocking,” Gama began, reflecting on his initial exposure to LGBTQ matters.

“But now, having experienced it again, I realise they are people like me, human beings deserving of respect and dignity,” he continued, highlighting a shift in his understanding.

Gama emphasised the importance of inclusivity, likening LGBTQ individuals to family: “I see them now as my sisters and brothers,” he stated emphatically.

Regarding Hisbah’s recent reports on LGBTQ issues, Gama praised their thoroughness and underscored the need for equality: “We are all human and deserve equal treatment,” he asserted, addressing the disparities in treatment that exist.

Drawing on a familial analogy, Gama criticised unequal treatment: “Treating one group poorly while favouring another causes gaps and perpetuates injustice,” he lamented, urging for a fair and equitable approach.

When asked about the handling of LGBTQ persons in Nigeria, Gama stressed parity with other community members: “They should be treated with the same respect and consideration as any other Nigerian,” he insisted, expressing confidence in Hisbah’s commitment to inclusivity.

Gama however called on lawmakers to review existing laws: “Our legislators must consider amendments to ensure equal rights for all Nigerians, including LGBTQ individuals,” he urged, highlighting the need for legislative reform.

Expressing gratitude to the event organisers, Gama acknowledged Hisbah’s role: “I thank the organisers for allowing me to represent Hisbah, an organisation that understands the importance of inclusivity,” he remarked proudly.

“This is a significant achievement, and I am honored to be part of this advocacy,” he concluded, highlighting the importance of continued efforts towards equality.

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