Hon Pius Alile Congratulates Valentine Asuen As He Emerged APC Candidate For Edo South

On behalf of myself and my campaign organization I wish to congratulate Hon. Valentine Asuen on his epochal nomination as the APC Candidate for the 2023 Edo South Senatorial Election.

I am particularly happy that Edo South APC decided to nominate a young, courageous, enterprising and resourceful Valentine Asuen, to bring about a paradigm shift long hoped for, but which at a point in this campaign looked threatened by the old order. This is indeed victory for the young, the young at heart, and the progressive.

Hon. Valentine Asuen represents the revolutionary spirit of the Edo South people who are determined for a breath of fresh air and opportunity for proven success. It is the reposition of confidence in a young man who has become a model of entrepreneurial success in Benin Kingdom and in Edo State, against the hope that he would bring the secret of his success to bear on the office of the Senator representing Edo South, which happens to be the most cosmopolitan, populous and first among equals.


I share in the optimism of the people who have given the APC mandate to Hon. Valentine Asuen. It is an optimism founded on the evidence great appeal to the general electorate, many of whom clamoured for his nomination in spite of not being members of the APC.

I want to congratulate Edo South APC in particular because they have nominated a winner going into the general election. All that is required is the unity of purpose and honesty in prosecuting the election campaign.

Once again, I say congratulations to Hon. Asuen, alias DVD, as I and my teeming supporters look forward to being part of his 2023 campaign.

Hon. Pius Alile
Founder and President
Pius Alile Coalition Initiative (PACI)


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