Hon. Sanni Kafeel (DKF), An Exemplary And Unassuming Youths Leader, By Iyamah Prince

The African Youth Charter considers a youth to be between the age of 15-35 years. Nigeria’s greatest resource is its youthful population. The emergence of the idea of participative governance structures recognizes and advocates for the inclusion of young people as democratic agents.

In this context, The Nigerian youth parliament is a platform created as an enabling avenue, whereby, young people are ably captured via their elected or nominated structures in community-based governance structures.

Hon. Sanni Kafeel’s representation of Edo North district in the Nigerian Youth Parliament, is never in doubt due to his background and success as a young politician, which can be attributed to his astute decisive roles in governance issues, which he does seamlessly in view of his experience in Students’ unionism, parliamentary exposure, national activism amongst others.


This charismatic and unassuming youths leader has been a veritable source of inspiration to the younger generations, owing to his refinement and leadership qualities which have been discovered to be hereditary, and therefore, runs in his Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).

(Nice), as he is fondly called by his supporters, has clearly demonstrated the zest for good antecedents, experience, honesty, capacity and capability, which has led to his impressive grand vision for the youths and humanity in general.

Let The Best Amongst Us, Continue To Give Us Quality Representation!


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