Hon Valentine Asuen Felicitates With Edo People At New Year

Hon Valentine Asuen, the CEO of DVD Oil and Gas and Edo South 2023 APC Senatorial Candidate, sends warm greetings and felicitations to the people of Edo state and all Nigerians as we usher in the new year of 2024.

As the dawn of a new year brings hope and new beginnings, Hon Valentine Asuen extends his sincere wishes for a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead. He acknowledges the challenges and uncertainties that we have faced as a nation, but remains optimistic and steadfast in his commitment to supporting the growth and development of Edo state and Nigeria as a whole.

Hon Valentine Asuen recognizes the resilience and tenacity of the Nigerian people, and acknowledges the tireless efforts of individuals, communities, and organizations in building a better future for our nation. He encourages unity, tolerance, and cooperation amongst all Nigerians, regardless of our diverse backgrounds and beliefs, as we strive to achieve a more inclusive and prosperous society.

With his experience and dedication to public service, Hon Valentine Asuen is committed to working tirelessly to promote good governance, economic growth, and social development in Edo state. He pledges to be a strong voice for the people, advocating for their rights and welfare, and working towards a better and brighter future for all.

Asuen believes that with unity, determination, and strong leadership, we can overcome the challenges that lie ahead and build a stronger and more prosperous nation. He wishes everyone a joyous New Year filled with love, peace, and abundant blessings.

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