“How Do People Double Date?” Solomon Buchi Asks Cheaters

Renowned relationship expert and acclaimed writer, Solomon Buchi, recently took to Twitter to challenge the practice of dating multiple partners simultaneously.

A staunch advocate for monogamy, Buchi expressed his commitment to providing undivided attention, unwavering commitment, and open communication to one partner at a time. According to him, this dedicated approach leaves no room for additional relationships, prompting him to question how others navigate the complexities of managing multiple connections.


The reactions to Buchi’s inquiry varied, with some suggesting that diverse sexual interests might drive individuals towards juggling multiple relationships. Others resonated with Buchi’s perspective, acknowledging the exhaustion associated with maintaining numerous romantic connections.

In his post, Buchi wrote;

“I wonder how people date multiple partners because I give all my attention to one person. I fully commit to one person. I communicate with one person. I open up to one person. I can only speak for hours to one person. After doing all these, there’s nothing left for a second option,” shared Buchi, prompting a diverse array of responses and reflections on the intricacies of modern relationships.



This isn’t the first time Buchi has stirred discussion on relationships. In a notable statement back in September, he challenged the notion that men do women a favor by marrying them. Rejecting the idea that marriage serves as a remedy for a woman’s life, Buchi urged men to dispel misconceptions, possibly fueled by certain media portrayals, regarding women’s reliance on marriage for fulfillment.

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