How Failed Conversion To Islam Led Me To Abortion – Phyna

Reality TV personality, Josephina Ijeoma Itabor, widely known as Phyna has opened up about a challenging chapter in her life, revealing that she had an abortion while serving as a physics teacher during her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.

In an interview with media personality Hero Daniels, Phyna delved into her romantic past, sharing that she endured a tumultuous 12-year relationship that was characterized by on-again, off-again dynamics that ended up in her having an abortion. The relationship took a significant turn when her partner, mourning the loss of his father, introduced a complex situation during a family event.


Recalling the distressing incident, Phyna recounted attending the funeral where she discovered her partner’s family’s preference for him to marry a Muslim girl. Despite being Catholic, she embraced Islam due to her commitment to the relationship. Unbeknownst to her, she was pregnant at the time.

Complicating matters, Phyna faced resistance from her partner’s family, who insisted on a Muslim daughter-in-law. The situation escalated to the point where she was asked to leave, despite her willingness to convert to Islam. Heartbroken, she returned home and later discovered her pregnancy.

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In a poignant revelation, Phyna shared her internal struggle and the challenging decision she faced. Despite her desire to keep the child, societal pressure and family expectations weighed heavily on her. Phyna said that the prospect of raising a child in an environment resistant to a Christian upbringing led her to make the agonizing choice to have an abortion.


Phyna’s candid disclosure sheds light on the complexities of relationships and the difficult choices individuals sometimes face, emphasizing the personal toll of societal expectations and cultural dynamics on personal decisions

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