How I Almost Became A ‘Runs Girl’ – Shade Ladipo


Media personality, Shade Ladipo has taken to her social media page to open up on how she was tempted to be a runs (call) girl in school over her parents inability to afford the luxury life other girls had at that time.

According to Shade who is an alumnus of University of Lagos, she just couldn’t bring herself to the point of sleeping with older men for money, despite the fact that some of her mates were doing it to sponsor their lifestyle.

Shade made this touching revelation while recounting how she managed to fund her first trip ever to Cotonou.

Part of her post read:


“I remember being in unilag, and all my mates were going to the UK for holidays. My parents got all of us visas but could only send 1 person for holiday. I was so oppressed but I couldn’t afford it with all my side hustle and my parents also couldn’t afford it.

“I was so tempted to do ‘Aristo runs’ that year but on God, my mind could not carry it. I went for a few parties with some girls, saw the old men and that was the last time I went out with them.”

It took me almost 4 years after that to fund my first trip out of Nigeria. FYI my first trip outside Nigeria was to Cotonou.

Advising ladies she wrote:


“life is in stages. Please stop pushing for all these immaterial things. Stop giving up their dignity and life just for fleeting things that don’t mean anything in the large scheme of things.”

See the post below:


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