How My Husband Slept With Me Once And Kicked Me Out Without A Reason” – Lady Shares [VIDEO]

A lady named Mary Nyambura from Naivasha has narrated how her husband abandoned her 2 days after sleeping with her for the first time.

She said that she met her husband where she was looking after chickens and pigs a while after high school.

He proposed to her and they started dating. Throughout the period of dating she didn’t sleep with him. However they moved together and started to live as husband and wife and that was when she decided to sleep with him.


According to her, his behaviour changed the next morning after they had slept together as husband and wife and she did not worry because she felt that it was because he was not used to waking up to somebody next to him.


She further explained that when he came home from work he didn’t talk to her and he didn’t eat dinner. Instead he continued to give her the cold shoulder until he sent her away the next day.

She later found out that she was pregnant 4 months later but she decided not to tell him and took care of the baby by herself.

See video here


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