How Party Chairman Was Beaten, Dragged Out Of Office



It was a show of shame yesterday at the APGA regional office Awka as the Idemili north Local Govt chairman of APGA, Hon Obiora Samuel Chukwunulu was beaten and assaulted by the security details of the state chairman of the party.

AIF Media gathered that the assault on the Hon Chukwunulu was on the order of the state chairman, Barr Ifeatu Obi-Okoye.

Yesterday, the state chairman inaugurated the LG chairmen of APGA in all the 21 local councils of the state at the regional office of the party at Awka.

Trouble began when the state chairman sighted Hon Obiora Samuel Chukwunulu the duly elected party chairman of Idemili north LGA. Recall that the state Chairman Barr Obi-Okoye who is also from Idemili north LGA has refused to recognized Hon Chukwunulu as the elected chairman for the party in his local govt.

During the state congress organized by Dr Obi Ogbolu the Special Adviser to the governor on political matters, Barr Obi-Okoye anointed one Chief Lemmy Ekwo while the party members preferred Hon Chukwunulu.

Prior to the LG congress, 5 members of the party in Idemili north LGA bought the nomination forms to contest for the LG party Chairmanship position. But during the congress, 3 of the aspirants stepped down for Hon Chukwunulu. And he was left with Chief Lemmy Ekwo.

However as the voters were lining up to vote, Hon Lemmy Ekwo who saw that the party members were queuing behind Hon Chukwunulu decided to walked out of the venue. Voting ended peacefully and Chukwunulu was duly elected by the LG congress committee led by Mr Ebuka Onyekwelu. This happened in the presence of Secretary to the stat govt and other leaders of the APGA in Idemili north LGA.

But the state chairman felt insulted that his anointed candidate lost at the congress. So he refused to recognize Hon Chukwunulu or deal with him as the LG party Chairman of APGA in Idemili north despite the fact that it was the name of Hon Chukwunulu that was submitted to the party headquarters, INEC and other institutions.


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