How To Get Into Mavins Record, Don Jazzy Drops Tips


Popular Producer and owner of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy has listed some of the criteria he considers before signing any artist on his record label, mavins record.

He spoke on his six expectations in signing any talent from a creative perspective.

“Once upon a time I wouldn’t think of signing an artist that is social media savvy but now I kind of want to put it at the beginning of my list,” he began. “Talent, due diligence, mannerism, character, age at the moment is kind of important as well.”

Continuing, he said, “the people that move the market are the young ones because the older guys are busy making money for the family and are worried about their family. They don’t care about helping you to go and stream or watching your social media to know when you post but the young guys are still much into the whole culture.”

Don Jazzy further described his definition of a successful artist as one who has or can make an impact on Mavins record, his immediate or extended family.


“As for me, if your life is better than you were yesterday. As long as we can make life better for you and you can in turn impact your own immediate or extended family, that’s beautiful.”


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