How To Neutralize Poison With Activated Charcoal


In cases of poisoning rushing the victim to the nearest hospital is the best option.

However, in some poisoning cases may be crucial victims may not even survive the trip to the hospital.

It’s important to know basic first aid steps before rushing the victim to the hospital for further treatment.

One household that is effective in neutralizing poison is activated charcoal, if you are curious to know how it works, here’s a guideline for you.



Bear in mind that though this method might work, it is important to undergo a medical diagnosis to be sure that one is completely free from the harmful substance.

Activated charcoal is sometimes used to treat certain types of poisoning, especially when ingested toxins are involved.
It works by adsorbing (binding to its surface) the toxin, preventing its absorption into the bloodstream.
Follow these general steps for using activated charcoal:
A. Administer it as soon as possible after ingestion and under the guidance of a healthcare professional or poison control center.

You can also mix the activated charcoal with water to create a slurry.
Administer the slurry orally to the affected person, typically via a syringe or drinking glass.

Ensure the person drinks it as quickly as possible.
Once again, remember that this hack does not substitute for seeking medical attention.


It’s just first aid to ensure that the toxins are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Seek immediate medical attention even if you feel better after trying the charcoal trick.

This is to ensure that the poison hasn’t done further damage that requires further treatment.


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