“I Am 56 Years Old But More Young Boys Are Attracted To Me, How Can Deal With This?”


Ever thought what your biggest worry would be when it comes to love, relationships and worry?. Well maybe to be cheated on or to be lied to. Well for some others it gets worse.

There is a large number of people in the world who deal with problems that are worse than your biggest worry, but the only thing is they dont really say much about what they go through.

So they would hide behind a smile and pretend as if everything is okay when they know clearly that nothing is okay.

We can argue the whole day but social media has turned into a place where people seek for therapists and psycologists. Or maybe just a shoulder to cry on when they need it during that particular hard time in their lives.

Quick question, how often do you talk about your problems on social media?. Maybe never because you are afraid of the number of people who might see your tears.


Well thats not the case for this lady who decided to put pen to paper and share what she is dealing with in her love life.

The lady of which we may call a mother said that she is 56 years old, but more young bots are attracted to her. Furthermore saying that she needs advice on how to deal with this.

Well i am pretty sure from my own point of view that that is not a good feeling at all, or something that nobody wouldnt like to experience.

If you were to share advice, what would you say to her?.



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