I Bought Him A House And The Latest Toyota Camry To Concentrate On Me Alone Yet He Was Caught Cheating With My Daughter – Benin Woman Cries Out


A rich and beautiful sugar mummy of 49 year old in Benin city Edo state lamented the situation of her life over a guy she wanted for herself alone.

The rich sugar mummy cried out the cheating behavior of the sugar boy whom she bought the latest Toyota Camry and a bungalow, but yet he was caught cheating with her only daughter.

I am worried because my daughter is now having a secret running battle with me and the sugar boy now prefers my daughter instead of me.


I brought the sugar boy up from the grass and used all the available avenue to persuade my daughter to leave him alone, but my daughter said the guy is too sweet to be abandoned. The desperate nature of my daughter to hijack the sugar boy away from me made me to go spiritual.

I took the case to. MOTHER QUEEN SPIRITUAL HOME, phone and WhatsApp number 0812, 0934, 575 for spiritual solution. The spiritualist in charge told me to leave the guy for my daughter in order for them to get married as both of them have been destined to marry each other.

My daughter earlier pleaded to me that I should leave the guy for her because she love him wholeheartedly .I still became unsettled and was promoted to go back to the spiritualist to use psalm and prevent my daughter from taking over but yet the spiritualist insisted that i should allow them be since I have spent money to make the guy .


I should be praying and thankful to God that the money i spent didn’t go in vain and my daughter is benefiting from my labor.
My insistence to pine down my daughter didn’t yield any results rather the sugar boy and my daughter are going ahead with their marital plan despite all odds.

Now I am seriously confused either to accept the planned marriage of my daughter with the sugar boy or stop them from getting married to each other. Please share your thoughts with me about the plan of my daughter and the sugar boy in the most impartial manner.

This is because i can die if my daughter and the sugar boy go ahead and implement their plan as my late husband brothers are eagerly ready to bless the proposed marriage



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