I Didn’t Cʋ₥- Man Tells Prostitute Who Confronted Him After He Refused To Pay Her [VIDEO]

A ѕєχ worker got violent after a client refused to pay her after satisfying his ѕєχual thirst.

While eating your cake is perhaps a reserve you cannot be denied, you definitely cannot have it once eaten, and a ѕєχ worker had to hold a man by his bαlls to demand payment for services she rendered him after he refused to pay.

Man tells Ashawo who confronted him after he refused to pay her

They had agreed on an unspecified amount of money which he refused to pay after he was done.


A video shared online shows the lady threatening to beat up the man, who desperately tried to cool her down, claiming that he didn’t c@m.

Such incidences are common in brothels and red-light districts. Men are always advised to pay to avoid being embarrassed.

Watch the video below



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