”I Don’t Like Wahala, If You Have A Serious Girlfriend, Avoid Me” – Lily Afegbai Warns Men

Actress Lilian Afegbai has asked men who are already in a relationship to ”please avoid her” because she does not want ”wahala”.

She sent the note of warning while advising women to be wise when they find out they have a cheating partner.

In an apparent reaction to the sad story of the makeup artist who was killed by her boyfriend’s lover, Lilian via her stories told ladies that a man who loves his woman would never put her in uncomfortable positions.


In her words ;

This is why when i see a man trying to act funny, confused or shady, i just block.

I don’t like wahala, ladies, a man that loves you won’t even put you in some unpleasant situations.

No man is worth killing anybody over, if he cheats on you and even allows you find out then just take a walk.

Most times, it is the man lying to the other girs he’s single, most times, the lady doesn’t even know about you.

If you have a serious girlfriend, please avoid me, i don’t believe in that bullshit evberybody is taken.

My man would be taken by only me. PERIOD.

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