I Don’t Seek Sexual Validation, Says Uti Nwachukwu


TV personality and actor Uti Nwachukwu has said he doesn’t seek any form of sexual validation despite being called unprintable names by ex-partners.

The ex-BBAfrica winner said that while he had been called several unprintable names by some of his ex-girlfriends, he still maintains loving himself more.

The actor describes himself as the greatest love he ever had.

Uti noted that many people cannot deal with rejection therefore they try to project insecurities.

“Greatest love of my life – me. I’ve been called a lot of names because of the way I’m in love with myself. The most used terms that have been used to describe me by some of my exes and past friends include Autosexual, Vain, Self Absorbed, Intolerant, Proud, and for the Illiterates – Narcissist (google the meaning of this word abeg, it has nothing to do with loving oneself.),” he captioned a picture on Instagram.


Continuing, Uti said, “But the answer is simple – I conquered the desire to seek and ask for sexual and most types of validation a long time ago and that’s where self-love started from.

“People can’t deal with not being needed (thereby losing the control/the hold they want to have on you), so they try their best to project their insecurities on you and get mad when you refuse to be dragged into their abyss of low self-esteem and diffidence.

“We cannot dwell in the same space as lovers or friends until you fall in love with you first because behind the glam, I enjoy and bask in the love I experience within myself.”



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