‘I Have 15,000 Unreleased Songs’ – Chris Brown


American R&B singer Chris Brown has revealed that he has about 15,000 unreleased songs.

The ‘Under The Influence’ crooner disclosed this in a recent episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast.

He said he has a studio in his house, which makes it easier for him to record every inspiration.

“I have about 15,000 unreleased songs. On my phone alone, in certain apps, I have 18,000. There was a point where I used to stay in the studio, like when I was doing a lot of my earlier albums. Now, I have a studio in my house because I can draw inspiration faster, like if I get an idea for a song, I don’t have to go to the studio [outside my house],” Chris Brown said.

He said he records songs every day, at times recording as many as four or more songs per day.

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