I Have No Case With EFCC- Jarret Tenebe

Our attention has been drawn to a mindless, misleading and unfounded report by Sahara Reporters on Chief Jarret Tenebe, the Edo State Deputy chairman of the All Progressives Congress(APC) wherein an unknown Civil Society Organisation(Nigeria Today)was said to have vowed to drag him to court over multiple fraud cases.

We ordinarily are not supposed to dignify Sahara Reporters and their paymasters for such un-professionalism and sensational report aimed at settling cheap political scores but to set the records straight for discerning minds.

Jarret Tenebe, no doubt had a case with the EFCC that went the full length of prosecution in a competent court of jurisdiction and he was discharged and acquitted.

Sahara Reporters and their masters should have known that court processes are public matters that can be accessed when necessary. It is, therefore surprising, rather unfortunate and smacks of unprofessionalism for Sahara Reporters to have made such a libelous publication without cross check of facts.

It was well in an attempt to satisfy their paymasters who are drowning in the political field.

The source of the story is not far fetched.Senator Alimikhena’s camp has been highly unsettled, jittery and uncomfortable with Jarret’s political annihilation of Senator Alimikhena. It was Jarret and a few other well marshaled out APC chieftains who to Alimikhena’s surprise and unbelief ensured he only got three votes in the senatorial primaries that produced Comrade Adams Oshiomole as APC senatorial candidate for the 2023 election.

The senator in his humiliation, proceeded to secure an un-recognized senatorial ticket in an un-recognized group of the PDP. Honourable Pascal Ugbome, the legitimate owner of the PDP senatorial ticket has told Alimikhena unequivocally that he is a lawyer and not a trader and thus will not trade off a ticket that was legitimately given to him in trust by the members of his party. This has left Alimikhena in limbo.


Jarret, again, only recently instituted a case in court against Alimikhena that having left the APC which flag he flew to the senate is legally expected to relinquish his seat. This effort to remove Alimikhena from the senate before the expiration of this present senate was not received by him with kids gloves.

He has cried to high heaves that he would get his pound of flesh off Jarret, thus this misleading report by Sahara Reporters is not unexpected .

Jarret has stated clearly that he is undaunted and not touched by the spurious report but has further been energized and emboldened in his decision to ensure that Alimikhena’s tenure at the senate is abruptly brought to an end.

He is also unrelenting to ensure that should Alimikhena be presented through the back door by PDP for the senatorial election,he does not get more that 5,000 votes.
We surely known that Alimikhena shall soon be capitulated.


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