I Nearly Died When A Hyena Attacked My Cows & I – Ex-Herdsman Narrates

An 86-year-old ex-herdsman, Abubakar Mohammed, has shared the story of his near-death experience after his herd got attacked by a ferocious animal in the bush. The octogenarian narrated his ordeal during his recent interview with Chima Azubuike. Dukku

It is often said that every occupation has its dangers and challenges. Abubakar recently revealed that he had over 100 cattle in his care as a young herder. However, his job came with some risks.

Narrating his close shave with death, Abubakar said, “There was a time I encountered a hyena in the bush while my cattle were grazing in Kwami forest. It was a sad experience because I abandoned them (cattle) to get to safety by climbing a tree. When the hyena got to to the cows, it devoured about five of them. I was on top of the tree for hours waiting for it to be through to organize the remaining animals and lead them back home.”


Abubakar revealed that he was tendering his father’s cattle when the attack occurred.


Revealing his father’s reaction, Abubakar said, “It was a sad one because losing five cows at once harmed our business. My father took the loss in good faith, as it was the work of God. He did not beat me or argue with me. He was encouraging, and he believed me while urging me to be calm. He said that all would be well. I had a record of integrity and accountability. He knew it was not an attempt to sabotage him or our business


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