“I Was Tired Of Waiting” – Lady Surprises Boyfriend By Proposing During Date [VIDEO]

A young white lady has shared how she proposed to her long-time boyfriend.

She stated that she was tired of waiting for him to pop the question, so she grabbed the opportunity head-on and did it herself.

In the hopes that he would discover it while eating, she purchased a pricey ring and concealed it within a small piece of cake they had ordered from a restaurant.


The woman encouraged him to do the same after she took the first taste and used a spoon to scoop it up.

She, however, discovered the ring in her own piece of cake and pretended to be shocked as though he had placed it there when he cut a piece out of it.

She jubilated in her seat and answered yes to her man, his face displaying confusion as he looked at her. However, it seemed that he was still not ready to commit, as he encouraged her to calm down and claimed that there was no ring inside.

“When you’re tired of waiting for him to propose, so you do it yourself,” the Caucasian lady captioned.

Watch the video below


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