“If I Perish, I Perish” – Man Vows Never To Return To Nigeria After Relocating To Dublin In UK

A Nigerian man, Nnayi David, has vowed never to return to his home country Nigeria after relocating to Dublin, the capital of Ireland.Man vows never to return to Nigeria

Announcing his arrival in Dublin via his Twitter handle, David said he doesn’t care if he perishes but he will never go back to his home country.

Relocating to the capital and largest city of Ireland, situated in the United Kingdom (UK), the latest European resident tweeted “If I perish I perish but will never go back to Nigeria”.

If I perish I perish but will never go back to Nigeria ? ❄️ pic.twitter.com/3VC4YR7PV5

— NNAYI (@nnayidavid) February 10, 2021

His post has garnered mixed reactions with many in support while others tried to make him understand that no matter how comfortable he may be in a strange land, he will always miss his original home.

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