If You Can’t Do These 3 Things With Your Ex, You’re Not Ready To Move On


It’s important to establish healthy boundaries and prioritize your well-being in relationships.

If someone consistently exhibits behaviors that make you uncomfortable or if they are unable to maintain appropriate boundaries with their exes, it may be a red flag.

However, it’s also crucial to approach these situations with communication and understanding.

You keep in touch with your ex: Staying in contact with your ex can often be a red flag, particularly when there’s no apparent reason to maintain communication.

Remaining in touch with someone from your past may open the door to the possibility of rekindling old emotions or creating new emotional entanglements.


This is especially inadvisable when you’re already committed to a new relationship.

You can’t block them to save your relationship: If you find it challenging to set clear boundaries with your ex, it may pose a threat to your current relationship.

In such cases, prioritizing your current partner’s feelings and the health of your relationship becomes crucial.

If maintaining contact with your ex is causing conflicts in your current relationship, it’s essential to assess whether it’s worth jeopardizing your current connection for the sake of lingering ties.

You keep comparing everyone to your ex: In addition, constantly comparing your current partner to your ex may indicate unresolved feelings or lingering attachments.


This habit can hinder the growth of your current relationship, preventing it from developing its unique dynamics.

It’s important to appreciate your current partner for who they are and embrace the differences instead of measuring them against your past experiences.

Ultimately, open communication with your current partner about your feelings, boundaries, and concerns is vital for maintaining a healthy and trusting relationship.

Don’t let unresolved issues with your ex affect your current relationship, addressing these concerns and making necessary changes is crucial for the well-being of your current relationship.

Remember that they are exes for a reason let the past remain in the past and focus on the future


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