If You Feel Like Saying Yes To An Older Man, Remember This

As people always say, desperate times often calls for desperate measures. We sometimes do things forgetting that there are consequences that we might face in future.

As someone who was already in college, I clearly knew more and could have done better had I allowed myself to be more responsible but instead, I let an older man take advantage of me because I had fallen in love with him while knowing very well that he is committed elsewhere. Now you know how it started.

You know how new love is, it is very hard to control. We dated for a couple of months and I used to visit him very often, we did not use morning after pills at times but I would still get my period until this other month where I was four days late, that was when I decided to buy a pregnancy test.

My heart skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on those two bold lines. I lost my mind for a good minute. I am young, in college and impregnated by somebody who is as old as my father. How could God be so brutal towards me? I called my boyfriend while I was still crying and informed him about the news I had just discovered, I also told him that I did not want to keep it and to my surprise, he did not want a fourth baby either.


I decided to have an abortion at a private clinic and he was there to support me, or was he there to make sure that I got rid of it? Unfortunately, I then had to let him go after the process because he reminded me of what I had gone through, seeing him always reminded me of the abortion.

Maybe you probably would have done the same as I did but believe me when I say, an abortion will help you get rid of the child but the thought of killing an innocent child will not go away easily. Memories always come back every time I see a pregnant woman, think twice before you do an abortion, this is something you will never forget.

This is based on a true story, the lady behind this story asked to be kept anonymous, that is why her name does not appear on the article. Thank you for reading, I hope you learned something.


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