Igbo Wife Celebrates Repayment of Bride Price After 6 Years of Marriage


In a heartwarming TikTok video, Uka Chiemela, an Igbo wife, joyously commemorated the repayment of her bride price six years into her marriage. The viral video captures the couple engaging in traditional rites surrounded by family and well-wishers.

The ceremonial scene featured symbolic items like tubers of yams and biscuits arranged in a corner, embodying the cultural significance of the event. The couple knelt before an elderly man, with a group of onlookers witnessing the age-old tradition.

Uka Chiemela, adorned in a stylish red native attire with beads, and her husband, dressed in an all-white outfit, created a visually appealing celebratory atmosphere. While the video intrigued viewers, the specific reason for the delayed repayment of the bride price remains undisclosed.


Chiemela’s TikTok post garnered widespread attention, prompting her to invite netizens to share their experiences with similar traditions from different hometowns. The video serves as a testament to cultural celebrations and traditions that continue to thrive in diverse communities.

Netizens Reactions…
ezinneuchenna37 said; “I have seen the house ur papa built very fantastic i have seen all ur videos and the background very fine house.”

Nwanyiocha said; “Massive congratulations on your marriage, May your home be blessed, peaceful, fruitful, filled with love and happiness.”

Adaoma Osegboh said; “Madam, you were never married. You guys were just living together. He just did the needful.”

Jennifer Oliver said; “For which Igbo land this kind of abomination happened?? never seen or heard , sis na now he dey marry u be honest.”

Jennifer Oliver said; “Na introduction u do 6 years ago madam ..na now he dey marry u.”

Cynthia Onyekaozulu said; “Oga no pay finish for the first time maybe he pay only the bride price all of us be igbo no de deceive people for here.”

Rich plug said; “You suppose tell us, your husband no pay your bride price at the first place.”


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