I’m 82 And You Don’t Want To Give Me My Money” – Old Man Creates Scene In Bank [VIDEO]


A heartbreaking video has captured the moment an old man lamented at the bank over his inability to withdraw cash.

In the video, the furious old man caused a scene at the bank and screamed at the staff for refusing to pay him.


The 82-year-old went ahead to recount how he hustled customers for UBA bank far back in 1971. He lamented that he came to the bank to withdraw money so he can eat, and they are refusing to give it to him.

“How many years am I? 82 good years you people should pray to reach my age. 82 good years you don’t want to give me my money for me to eat.

“1971 I scouted for this UBA, they were making an announcement and I was telling people come let’s go to UBA. Now I have come here and you have refused to give me my money. I don’t blame you people“, he lamented bitterly.

Watch the video below:


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