Internet Abuzz As Video Of Davido And Chioma ‘Lookalike’ Couple Goes Viral


A young Nigerian couple has set social media abuzz with their striking resemblance to the celebrity duo, Davido and Chioma has stunned social media and the lookalike picture is stunning lovers of the popular couple.

In a viral video, the couple showcased their dancing skills to the rhythm of a background song, drawing widespread attention due to their uncanny facial similarities with the famous pair.

Watch video below:

Netizens couldn’t help but notice the remarkable resemblance between the couple and Davido and Chioma, and their comments have been pouring in, highlighting the astonishing likeness.

See reactions below …
carphy_flinks noted: “But true true the guy look like David and Chioma throwback”


ayzne_ said: “Jokes apart he looks like Davido”

jnrpope wrote: “Dude could play a double for Davido in the movies”

olowasamuel said: “I swear he really looks like OBO”

iamda_saint commented: “Yes. Davido Way Back when he said he was broke”

Meanwhile, reports that the appearance of the lookalike couple has come as Davido and Chioma appear to have had a permanent break from the presence of Sophia Momodu, the music star’s first baby mama in their lives.

Sophia Momodu has reported that Davido is a past in her life and in a tone that appears to indicate her realisation that he is no longer part of her life, she said in a post that she is fixed on a future with her daughter Imade and without Davido


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