Investment In Technology, New Strategy Key To Tackle Rising Insecurity – Analyst

A public interest commentator, Remi Adebayo, has urged the Federal Government to invest in technology and adopt new strategies toward winning the war against the increasing security challenges in the country.

Adebayo, who spoke on Wednesday during an interview with DAILY POST, said that the challenges of kidnappings, armed robbery, banditry, insurgency, and other criminalities would only be effectively curtailed if not eradicated through the use of technology as seen in other countries of the world.

He also called on the government to look into restoring the people’s confidence, which has made it difficult for citizens to offer vital information to government and security agencies relating to the insecurity.

While saying that traveling on roads in the country is becoming suicidal and frightening, he explained that the challenges have gone beyond a particular zone, “following series of banditry and kidnapping report in almost every part of the country where victims are being made to sort for resources that many of them could ever had, to pay as ransom in other not to get killed.”


Acknowledging the efforts of the government and the military in the victory against Boko Haram so far, he noted that the best is yet to come until Nigerians are safe.

The commentator further disclosed that the splatter consequences of the spread and the maturation of insecurity after that victory has metamorphosed into another crisis everybody fears today.

According to him, “Nigeria is seriously losing grounds not just in the North but also the evidence and report hearing from the south is saying that Nigerians are not at peace, and government should do everything possible in it’s capacity to reclaim the territory that has been sized by non-state actors.

“As we were told we don’t have enough manpower to tackle this, most of the military and police are overwhelmed. So we have to do more by deployed necessary technics and changing the strategies to combat the security situation.”

Security has been ranked as the most challenging problem bedeviling the country.


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