Israel Releases Footage Of Naval Encounter With Hamas Fighters [VIDEO]

The Israeli Defence Forces, IDF has released a not before seen footage of how its naval forces encountered Hamas militants who tried to infiltrate into Israel through the sea during the October 7 invasion of the country by Hamas.

The footage released on Saturday evening showed Israeli soldiers in navy boats exchange gunfire with the Hamas fighters who were swimming towards Israeli shoreline as part of the air, sea a and land attack on Israel on that day. reports that at least 1,300 persons have died on account of the invasion in the single bloodiest day since the emergence of modern Israel that occurred on October 7.

The IDF has not said the number of casualties it suffered from the naval invasion or the number of Hamas fighters killed in the sea war.

At least 2,329 have died in Gaza following the continuing operations by the IDF to dismantle the Hamas structure in Gaza. reports that besides the release of the footage of the naval encounter with the Hamas militants swimming toward Israel that in other news the IDF has massed troops at the border with Gaza in readiness for what is envisaged to be a bloody invasion of Gaza.

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