Israel Vs Gaza: Netanyahu Trying To Start Another World War – Bolaji Akinyemi

In a recent interview on ARISE Television, Nigeria’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, made a startling claim. He alleged that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is manoeuvring for the onset of World War III.

The backdrop to this assertion is the long-standing and deeply entrenched Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has cost tens of thousands of lives and displaced countless millions. This struggle for sovereignty and rights has remained a global concern rooted in a colonial act dating back over a century.

The world’s attention has again gravitated toward this ongoing crisis following a significant event. Israel’s declaration of war against the Gaza Strip, in response to a relentless attack by the Palestinian armed group Hamas, has set the stage for potential worldwide ramifications.

Discussing these developments, the erudite professor, a renowned expert in Political Science, expressed his concerns about Netanyahu’s intentions. He asserted that Netanyahu seeks to exploit the Israel-Hamas conflict to trigger a global conflict by inciting the United States to confront Iran.


Akinyemi explained, “Netanyahu’s aspirations are centred on catalyzing a third world war by manipulating a U.S.-Iran confrontation. His ultimate goal is to orchestrate a direct military face-off between America and Iran, and the consequences of such a scenario would be dire for all of humanity.”

It’s noteworthy that the American government has publicly stated that it possesses no evidence linking Iran to the actions of Hamas. Despite this, pro-Israeli journalists and scholars are pushing the narrative of Iranian involvement, attempting to pressure the Biden administration to take an aggressive stance against Iran. If it were to transpire, such a decision would undoubtedly have catastrophic implications for the global community

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