It’s Not Only Pastors’ Children That Are Always Wayward – Bishop Oyedepo

The Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel has stated that it is not only Children of Pastors that are always wayward.

According to him, children of managing directors, managers, civil servants, un-civil servants who lack home training could be wayward.

Bishop David Oyedepo stated this on Sunday during the 1st Service at Faith Tabernacle Canaanland.

The cleric observed that anything given to a child outside of training is a wasted investment, adding that “a child you pet today will pester you tomorrow.”

“When we were growing up, they always said, “Children of Pastors are always wayward.” No, it depends on what you put into each one of them. It is not only Pastors, children of Managing Directors, Managers, Civil Servants, un-Civil Servants. It is training.


“So you saw Eli and you saw Samuel. We must take responsibility in giving timely instructions, corrections and rebuke to our children.
“You know children nowadays want to have their ways” – because you allowed it.
Timely, before it is too late.”


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