Jubilation As Portable Storms Filling Station, Pays For All Customers

Street-hop artiste, Portable is making the headlines once again, this time for a remarkable act of generosity as he covers the expenses for all patrons at a local petrol station.

In a series of TikTok videos, the ‘Zazu’ crooner is captured in his usual ‘element’ volunteering to pay for everyone who came to buy fuel at a particular filling station in his community.

As he announced his intention to the attendants, an eruption of jubilant cheers and heartfelt praise ensued.

Portable’s name resounded throughout the area, with some individuals even requesting that he distribute cash, a request he graciously fulfilled.

The self-styled ‘Wahala’ singer could be heard saying in Yoruba language: “I want to buy fuel for everyone. I want to buy fuel for my people”, he said, holding a POS machine and inputting his pin.

“Sell fuel for all the vehicles, motorcycles (Okada), I’ll pay. I’ll also share money but you people should go and buy fuel first.


“Right now, I’m upset. Besides that, we will also splash money (reaches into his pocket, pulls out some N1,000 notes, and throws them in the air while the people scamper to pick them).


“I have paid the bills for fuel purchased by everybody and I’ve also given people money to buy food to eat.

“You, the elderly ones, there’s no need for you people to run after me.”

To accompany the clips on his Instagram page, Portable wrote: “IKA OF AFRICA ZAZUU The Street DonJazzy.”

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