JUST IN: APC NWC Approves Direct Primary For Edo Gubernatorial Election


The National Working Committee (NWC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has recently approved the use of direct primary election to select the party’s candidate for the forthcoming Edo State Gubernatorial Election in September 2024. This decision has been met with mixed reactions from both party members and political observers.

Direct primary election is a system where party members directly participate in electing their preferred candidate, as opposed to the delegate system where a select few representatives make the decision. The move towards direct primaries in Edo State is seen as a step towards a more inclusive and transparent electoral process, where the voice of the party members can be heard.

Proponents argue that direct primaries provide a level playing field for all party members, ensuring that the candidate who truly reflects the wishes of the people emerges. This approach allows for wider participation and reduces the influence of money and party insiders in the selection process. It is believed that this move will strengthen grassroots democracy and increase the overall legitimacy of the party’s candidate.

However, critics express concerns about logistical challenges and the potential for disruptive and divisive campaigns within the party. They argue that direct primaries can be expensive and time-consuming, as party members need to be properly registered and verified before they can participate. Additionally, intense competition during the nomination process can lead to a fragmented party, making it harder for the chosen candidate to unite the party and win the general election.



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