JUST IN: Hon Pius Alile Receives ‘2023 Man Of Peace Of The Year’ Award

The Universal Peace Federation, an organization with United Nations ECOSOC, Edo State Chapter, recognized Hon Pius Alile’s philanthropic efforts by awarding him the 2023 Man of Peace of the Year Award. This recognition came as a result of his dedication to improving the lives of those less fortunate and promoting peace within the society.

Various ambassadors speaks on Hon Pius Alile’s philanthropic gestures. They highlighted his commitment to supporting students who are struggling in school by providing them with bursaries, as well as his efforts in building boreholes in communities to ensure they have access to clean water. These acts of kindness and generosity have made a significant impact on the lives of numerous individuals.

Speaking, Hon Pius Alile expressed his gratitude to the coordinator of the Universal Peace Federation, Am Osasu Usenbor, for promoting peace in Edo state. He attributed his passion for helping others to his own personal experience of growing up in hardship and extreme poverty. Hon Pius Alile acknowledged that it was God who helped him rise above his circumstances and encouraged him to dedicate his life to serving others.

Hon Pius Alile emphasized that giving back to the society is a way to combat poverty and bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. He argued that the accumulation of wealth without any sort of contribution to society leads to heightened insecurity, as those who do not give become disconnected from the needs and struggles of others.

Hon Pius Alile’s invaluable philanthropic contributions have earned him the prestigious recognition as the 2023 Man of Peace of the Year. Through his various initiatives, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of giving back to society and has actively worked towards bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. His efforts have not only improved the lives of those directly impacted but have also contributed to the overall peace and well-being of the Edo state.

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