JUST IN: Pope Francis Authorizes Blessings For Same-sex Couples In Catholic Church


Pope Francis gestures as he leaves after the weekly general audience on the day he is due to undergo abdominal surgery, in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, June 7, 2023. REUTERS/Yara Nardi

The Vatican has officially approved the possibility of offering blessings to same-sex couples.

The decision, sanctioned by Pope Francis, represents a significant shift in the Catholic Church’s stance on LGBTQ+ issues.

The new document, released by the Vatican’s doctrine office, emphasizes that individuals seeking God’s love and mercy shouldn’t be subjected to an exhaustive moral analysis to receive blessings.

While maintaining marriage as a lifelong sacrament between a man and a woman, the Vatican now permits non-liturgical blessings for same-sex couples under certain conditions.

The directive strictly forbids associating the blessings with civil unions or wedding ceremonies and underscores that such requests should not be categorically denied.

“Even when a person’s relationship with God is clouded by sin, he can always ask for a blessing, stretching out his hand to God,” the document said.

LGBTQ+ advocacy groups have hailed the move as a significant step toward greater inclusivity within the Church.

However, it has also sparked controversy among traditionalists, with some labelling the decision as heresy.



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